Thursday, February 6, 2014

the chess master

Sometimes I think about God as an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful chess player.

Something to this effect (the big guy, not the little guy)

Replace the scrutinizing looks with love and adoration, leave in the part about a second chance even after numerous mess ups, hang ups, and bang ups. Letting God be in control when we are inadequate to do the piloting.  It just makes sense.

This similarity occurred to me today when I was driving to meet a friend at a pet store. I was unsure whether or not it was Petsmart, or Petco; which are in opposite directions from one another.  Turn left, go to Petco; go straight, go to Petsmart.  Not quite certain which one I was supposed to go to, I turned left, and a few minutes later I arrive at the wrong store.  After a quick drive through the parking lot and a confirmation text to affirm that I am indeed at the wrong location, I pull back out onto Michigan Rd. heading southbound.

Just before making my left turn I notice a fellow booking it down the four lane, high traffic, chaos that is Michigan Road on a Saturday afternoon and he is riding a bicycle.   Did I forget to mention it is approximately 40 degrees and raining?  This man is drenched.  Stripe up the back and all.  It was also obvious from afar that he did not WANT to be commuting in this downpour, but that he did not have much of a choice.  Maybe the alternative was walking, so i could be incorrect in this assumption.

Perhaps I shouldn't knock his mode of transportation, because it wasn't for 3 more stoplights that I finally caught him.  As I pulled up beside him, I shout "throw your bike on the back and I'll give you a ride!" (trying to have my voice heard over his headphones)   He tells me that he is heading to a bus stop nearby and waves off my offering at a warm seat and a dry enclosure.

Since I couldn't offer him a place to sit and warm up I put my flashers on, and drove behind him for the next mile or so, waving traffic around us and creating for him a safe lane in which to ride.  It was at this point that I imagined God in his all knowing wisdom smiling down and saying, "Good job David." I marveled at the perfect timing of me being able to be in that exact place, at that exact time, to provide a bit of shelter to a man who I may never meet again. Then I thanked God as I went about my day and He went on moving his chess pieces, setting things up for the future checkmate.

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