Thursday, January 1, 2015

Timing is everything.

Correction. God's timing is everything.  God is in control and he has everything timed perfectly, like the most accurate and precise clock ever created.
Sometimes that timing works out for us to enjoy and be excited over it; sometimes it works out for us to be sad and disillusioned by it.
Either way. I never cease to be impressed by God's perfect timing.

Tonight God's timing worked in my favor to see a friend and get them a safe ride home.
I just finished up an Uber trip on the north side when I was heading back south on Michigan Road.  Just as I was driving by the complex where my friend and her husband were wrapping up their party, they texted me to ask for a ride.  Sometimes it is the little details that baffle me, and sometimes it's the bigger picture (see '2015' post)

Whether it is working in your favor or not, revel in God's perfect timing and know that he knows what is best, every second of every day and he will not fail.


Tonight while driving, I accepted a request that turned out to be from a friend I haven't seen since 2005. I am ecstatic about 2015 because I feel like this happening, with this person, exactly how it did is God showing me that he is in control, always has been, and always will be.
I hope that I can be more dedicated, more humble, and more willing to let Jesus work in me and through me in ALL areas of my life this coming here.
Here's to 2015 and everything that will happen.