Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Home updates

Home updates:

Boxes are getting unpacked and I'm trying to bribe the recycle and trash man to take out the mountains of rubbish we've put near the curb. 

Finding a place for all this stuff has proven interesting and I'm hoping to find a new home for lots of it.

The Nebo Ridge rides on Tuesday and Thursday have been a great but I'm missing the Hinkle crew and some of my regular riding buddies. 

And now for a realization - It has come extremely obvious to me that in this adventure of my stewardship of this house I will have "The List." "The List," will be lengthy. In fact, this list will be so lengthy it will be never ending.  The list starts with one thing, and then another, and another. Not all of these tasks are difficult or overly time consuming; they are simply tasks that need to be done. The realization is that this list, being never ending in nature, is exactly that. I will never be done with this list and there will always be more tasks to do.  Cross one or two off, put another on.  Simply add another to the bottom and continue to work, diligently, carefully, humbly.
The sooner I accept that this list is never ending and that I will always have another task to do, the sooner I can get to work.

The start....

One thing crossed off the list!