Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The side of Uber you rarely hear about

It is truly amazing how God decides to reversal himself through this new job. 

In February of this year I began a new job with a driving company called Uber. Basically you pick people up, take them where they need to go,  and there isn't much else to it besides that. Simple, convenient, and a fantastic way to make money. Not to mention it is extremely affordable for the passenger. 

Or at least there wouldn't be much else to it, however, these seemingly random people keep getting in my car and we have all these things in common. Not just the, "Oh we like the same sports," "Oh we like the same music..." but these last few weekends numerous people have gotten in my car who know people that I have either attended high school or college with, or even people that I've rented a house from (that whole process of finding a house was also a total God thing as well, think I already blogged about it, go check)

So let me frame this up for you and describe a little bit about how this service works. I, as a driver, have an iPhone in my car that the company gave to me. When I am ready to work all I do is turn the phone on and "go online" as they call it. Basically I'm making myself available to pick up a passenger should the need arise. When a passenger needs a ride the request automatically goes out to the closest driver. I get all of the info on my device, including the passengers name, and location, and destination if they have put it into their request. I go pick them up, I take them where they want to go, and all of the payment is handled through the app. I don't worry about cash, cards, or anything else. I do often use the phrase, "tipping is accepted, but not expected," (or I would if I could ever say it correctly on my first try.)

So my first Saturday night on the job I am hanging out at Katie's parents house in Zionsville. It's about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I decided I'm going to head downtown to start my evening as that's looking like where the busy spot is. Not one second after I announce, "I think I'm going to go downtown to start my evening," a passenger quests a ride from Zionsville to downtown. Awesome!
I like to think at this point God exclaims something like "checkmate!"
Some people could chalk this up to a mere coincidence, and I could agree with them, but I won't. Because throughout the night, and the next couple of weekends, there are too many "coincidences" to just be coincidence. 

   A bit later that evening, I find myself downtown again.  I am driving out of Monument Circle heading north, and I see Vermont St. (I think) I decide that looks like a good to turn, and as soon as I make my turn, someone requests a ride from Mass Ave, which is sweet, because Mass Ave is a few blocks ahead, and I'm sure that there could have been a car closer if the timing wasn't absolutely perfect for me to be there. 
I arrive on Mass Ave to find my passengers waiting, I open the door for them, and confirm their names and destination.  At this point I have to start praying, because unfortunately this couple is going north. North north. To Fishers, north, and at this time of night, that's kind of a downside to the job, because I may have to drive back to town without anyone in my car, which means I don't get paid for that driving time.  So instead of complaining, I focus my attention and pray that God would provide some way for me to get paid heading back south. I ask for anything to happen, and of course, because God is awesome and amazing, it does.  I drop off couple #1 in Fishers, I head around the corner to the gas station for a quick pit stop, and someone from Noblesville, about 7 minutes away, requests to head down to Broad Ripple.  "Checkmate!"

  The last story of the evening worth noting is my last ride of the night. I manage to pick up a group of friends somewhere downtown, if I remember correctly it was near Cadillac Ranch, and it was pretty close to closing time. Good Uber drivers know that people have to get home somehow, so around 2-3am things pick up and if you are super lucky you get a ride back in the general direction where you need to end your night. This is what I am always hoping and praying for, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.  This particular evening my passengers are going to Noblesville from downtown and this is a pretty good sign that I should go home after this trip. They live off 176th and Spring Mill (which will be further explored by myself and my bicycle later on.) After a long journey northward, and a nice fare for myself, I drop them off and head southwest back to Zionsville.  As this was my first night driving for Uber, it hadn't occurred to me to intentionally look in the back seat to see if my passengers have left anything in my car. A girl in this group had left a clutch containing an ID, credit card, cell phone, and $50 cash.  Hello new identity! Unfortunately I hadn't looked in my back seat until I was parked, in my garage, back in Zionsville. 
I consider my options, hope the phone isn't password protected (luckily it wasn't,) and text the first couple of people in the phone list.  I realize that she probably called her friends she was with, and I open the recent call menu.  To my shock and dismay, my best friend from high school's name pops up numerous times in the recent call history.  [jaw drop]  SERIOUSLY!!??! HOW IS THIS COINCIDENCE PEOPLE?!?!!?

   I have to tell you that this story goes a step further. Upon telling my friend I found his name in this girl's phone, he continues to tell me if it had been a few weeks prior, his name wouldn't have been in there at all. Long story short, they 're-met' a couple of weeks before hand after their first encounter approximately a year ago.  They hadn't exchanged phone numbers the first time, but luckily he did the second time. I was able to return the phone, cards, and cash, and even had an awesome testimony to go with it. More evidence of how awesome God is, and how he wants to be a part of every facet of our lives, not just the "stuff " that we bring to him, but he wants to be involved in the day to day, high points, low points, and every adventure in between. 

  If you have questions about my beliefs or about Christianity in general, I welcome any and all comments and questions.  I do not, by any means, have all the answers, nor do I want all the answers. That job has been given to one much more important than myself, and I would rather look to Him every day of the week than try to do this thing on my own. 

Until Next Time...

Prayer for today:  Lord, let me never cease to find the amazing things you do in my life and others lives each and every day.  You have given me so many awesome stories, and I pray that you would continue to bless me with this job, these people, and more awesome encounters, so that I may continue to be a witness to you.  I love you. Thanks for everything. You are incredible.