Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's been too long

I'm a horrible blogger apparently because my last post was in June.
I've had the itch to write quite a bit since June, but I always pushed that urge aside for other things.

I was sending an email out to a friend and since this is a topic I wanted to blog about I wanted to share it here and hear from my readers on this (however many or few there are.) So. Read. Think. Respond. Let's start some dialogue.

    I wanted to know more of your thoughts on exactly who Jesus is. I feel that in today's Christianity there are people that follow the church (or a leader at the church) and there are those who follow Jesus.  I have been coming to the realization that if people really know Jesus they only have two choices to make
1) People can either accept him for who he is, which in turn means he should be worshiped and held in the highest regard or...
2) People can reject him because they think he is a fake and a liar 

    These two options do depend on one pre-requisite though, a person has to know Jesus before they can make one of these decisions. Just like any other topic in life, you shouldn't make a decision based on pure guesswork. Before buying into something (or someone) there should always be at least a little bit of research done on the topic. So, I guess my question is, What do you know about who Jesus is and what he did?

I am excited to hear your thoughts and get your opinions.  This is a simple question but a life-changing answer.    Here's to a great discussion. 

PS. I can be reached at if you do not want to leave your comments below. 

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